Swamped Chapter 85 Page 6

“Maybe you’d like to tell that to Ms. Rebecca once she wakes up. She was still out when I left the infirmary.”

Cookie’s expression doesn’t seem to change, but you can tell they’re not nearly as confident. Their whole job is telling people what to do, and that means they need the higher-ups to approve of what they’re saying. So a little name-dropping can be quite effective.

“How could you let that happen to her?” they suddenly start sputtering. Yeah, figures they’d look for a way to blame you.

“It’s not like either of us was expecting it,” you grumble. Only… didn’t she seem to expect something from the box? Maybe she just knew she hadn’t put it in there. She seemed pretty panicked, though.

“I’ll go check on her. Make sure she knows exactly what happened,” Cookie says, somewhat threateningly. You resist the urge to smirk. You know full well Donnie’s not going to stand for that.

Anyhow, it’s time to head to your quarters. Fortunately, you don’t have any other unpleasant run-ins on the way.

The first thing you do is check the shelf where you keep all the charts. Every one of them is still in place. It was a longshot that any would be missing, you suppose, but better to be sure than not.

Wait, hold on. On a second glance, you spot something strange. It looks like there’s something very thin in between two of the charts. You carefully pick one of them up so you can see what it is.

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Its a thin layer of paper that is falling off the chart.

Concealing… treacherous sunken shoals and a small island?