Swamped Chapter 85 Page 5

You can’t think of anything you need to do outside your quarters, or at least nothing where your current condition can’t get you out of it.

But you do need to take a quick inventory. Someone left that package in Rebecca’s quarters, and you’ve got no idea who it was, or what they wanted. What if they also made a move for your maps?

So you start walking. And unfortunately, you don’t get far before Cookie catches sight of you.

“Chip! What’s the meaning of this? I gave you a job to do!”

“Yeah, and I got a face full of gas for my trouble,” you grumble. “So Donnie says I need to rest.”

“Hmmph! You really think I’m going to buy a story about being sick? You look fine to me. Have to admit, gas is a new one.”

Great. They’re being difficult. You doubt they’ll actually think of checking with Donnie. Hells, they’ll probably just lecture you harder if you suggest it.

So what can you say to get them off your back, even if only for the moment?

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Tell him that Rebecca was hit with it too, and that he should be more concerned about that anyways.