Swamped Chapter 84 Page 10

You look around again, and spot a door.

“How about the closet, then?”

She nods.

“That should work. I’m not using it, since I have a proper wardrobe and enough shelves for everything. Even if I did use it, I wouldn’t need to actually go in.”

Great. Well, you might as well powder these damned bugs on your way there. It takes a few minutes, but you manage to clear a path, and clear the bugs off the door.

Though you’re starting to rethink the idea of using this stuff on your clothes. What do they even put in here?

You open up the door. No bugs in there – guess they weren’t slipping through it.

But there is a box.

“I thought you said you weren’t using the closet,” you shout back. “What’s this thing, then?”

“What thing? Take it out so I can see it, I’m not comfortable heading that way with so many of these disgusting creatures still around.”

Bah. Of course she’d make it hard on you. You pick up the box to oblige her.

“It’s a box,” you grumble, holding it up. “I haven’t seen what’s inside yet. You want me to open it, or is it one of those important government things I shouldn’t see?”

“Put it down!” she screams. “And get away from it!”

The hells is that all about? Well, whatever. You put down the box and start walking over to her. You’d better at least get an explanation.

But before you can say anything, you hear a very loud noise. You turn back to see a lot of smoke filling the room, and it seems to be centered on where you left the box.

Now what in the hells are you supposed to do?

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Gotta be a bomb, throw it out a window!

Maybe try not to breathe the noxious fumes?

If you can’t get a window, kick it back into the closet and flee!