Swamped Chapter 84 Page 9

You take a quick look under the bed. Surprisingly, the area seems clear of bugs. Which is weird, since there’s really nothing keeping them away.

But it happens to be in a good position for checking under the floorboards. The lack of bugs even means it’ll be fairly easy. Only thing is you’d have to move the bed out of the way first, and that’s not going to be simple. You’re not as well-built as the sailors – most of them could probably just lift it and carry it out.

“Well? What’s the hold-up?” Rebecca asks.

“I’m thinkin’ about how to do what you asked. Specifically, moving the bed and then checking the floorboards under it.”

She looks concerned.

“I did suggest my bed could be moved, and I did ask you to look under the floorboards, but if you pull the boards out beneath my bed then I’m not so sure they’ll support it very well afterwards.”

“So we’ll rearrange your room a bit. Better than having bugs crawling everywhere, isn’t it?”

She gives you a look that suggests she would prefer you find a better option than either of those. Truth be told, that probably works out for you, too; better than dragging the heavy bed away. You’d probably just end up dragging it back in afterwards.

Okay, so what’s the new plan then?

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Fine, how about the closet?