Swamped Chapter 84 Page 7

“You didn’t warn me you were just leaving your underwear out,” you grumble. “I didn’t need to know this much about your clothing preferences.”

Rebecca gives you a concerned look.

“What are you talking about? Everything’s in my wardrobe. I didn’t…” She pauses as she looks in. “Hold on, that’s not mine. It’s far too big, for one thing.”

She walks over and picks the slip up. Beneath it is… the quartermaster’s little girl?

“Suzy!” you growl. “What are you doing in Ms. Rebecca’s room? Especially when it’s filled with bugs.”

She just sticks her tongue out at you.

“And whose underwear is this, anyways? No, you know what, I’d rather not know that. Put it back where you found it and apologize to the owner.”

Still not saying anything, Suzy storms out. You suppose you’ll have to bring this up with her mother later, but for now you’ve got a job to do.

“So,” you say, turning to Rebecca. “Is there any particular part of the room you’d like me to deal with first?”

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Bed, please.

under the floorboards if you can