Swamped Chapter 84 Page 4

Oh hells. It’s Rebecca, probably the one person on this damn boat you want to see less than Cookie.

She’s not technically an officer, but she’s here under the authority of the Lansor government. Which means she can pretty much overrule the captain on anything, barring an emergency. Allegedly she’s here to serve as an official negotiator with any new peoples you encounter on your journey, but mostly she seems to be here to make sure everyone understands how “great” Lansor is for approving this voyage.

In short, she’s a huge phony. You generally deal with her by keeping your head down and focusing on your charts. Opening your big damn mouth has gotten you in enough trouble already, so you don’t see any sense in inviting more.

So what’s she doing here?

Well, whatever it is, Cookie’ll probably explain soon enough. Unless you’re unusually lucky and she’s got nothing to do with this. Regardless, time to bite the bullet.

“Ho, Cookie! You rang for me?”

“Yeah,” Cookie grunts. “There’s an infestation in Ms. Rebecca’s room. We think the nest has been there for a while and the storm’s agitated them. The sailors are all busy batting down the hatches and all that, so you’re our best bet for taking care of this.”

“Hang on,” you ask. “Infestation of what?”

Cookie gives you a glare.

“The same thing we’re always infested with! You telling me you haven’t done an extermination job before?”

“Well, no. So what am I dealing with?”

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creatures affectionately referred to as “inside-out bugs”

Blistering barnacle babies!