Swamped Chapter 84 Page 2

It all started with a joke.

The sort of joke where you say in public what everyone says in private, and of course they suddenly don’t think it’s very funny. No matter how hard they were laughing when your uncle made the same damn joke a week ago.

A joke about greblings. You barely even remember it now, but you do remember how quickly everyone abandoned you. Even your uncle didn’t want you around – after all, these greblings had money, and they wouldn’t spend it on him if you were close by.

It was a stupid joke, you realize now. But you also realize none of them really cared. They just didn’t want to get lumped in with you. After all, there was money to be made by playing nice with greblings.

At least until there wasn’t. You heard the relationship went sour after you left, not that you were surprised. You knew well just how phony it had been in the first place.

Of course, now you’re the one chasing after grebling money. You’ve got no clue why a wealthy grebling was willing to sponsor a ship to rediscover the route to the other continent, but you didn’t exactly have a lot of other job prospects. And it’s not as if you had any pride left to swallow.

Still, at times like this, you almost miss the miserable life you left behind. At least the ground stayed still beneath your feet.

Well. You think you just about figured out where you are. According to the old chart, there’s some inhabited islands about a day away. It’s probably worth a stop so you can see if there’s any damage to the ship. Maybe you can even resupply.

Suddenly, you hear a bell ring. Thankfully, despite all the commotion going on, it’s not an alarm – it’s one of the small chimes in your quarters that the officers use to tell you you’re needed. One for each officer, including the wizard.

So who’s calling you now?

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Is it Cookie?

it better not be cookie, you are gonna be so pissed