Swamped Chapter 83 Page 21


What’s a parachute?

Well, whatever it does, this isn’t an emergency yet. Seems like an odd choice for a lever to break, though. Why sabotage an emergency system?

You suppose that’s a point in favor of the gears being close by, though. It makes less sense as a deliberate choice and more sense as “grab the nearest lever”. So you head a little bit forward.

Here we go. The three-gear setups are giving way to two-gear ones. Now you just have to find the right two gears. You scan the edges of each pair you come across for damage, but after a half-dozen or so tries without any luck, you think you need a better plan.

Well, when you came by before, you were climbing on the machinery. You were too focused on maintaining your balance to notice much about the details of it, but you can at least look around and see what seems more climbable.

And you think you’re starting to remember some of this stuff a bit better. You keep an eye on the high road while following it as best you can from the ground, and soon enough you come to a pair of gears with some noticeably worn-down teeth.

Just to be sure, you wedge the lever back in when the worn teeth are next to each other. In case it was important to get it stuck in that particular position.

Just as you get it in place, you feel the ship making another sharp turn. You’ve got no idea what your course is now, not that you had much idea to begin with. Maybe someone should take the controls and try to figure out where you should be going.

As if you didn’t have enough to do already. Speaking of which, it’s probably best to take care of Marshall first; you still don’t know exactly where Long is. Of course, before doing anything at all, you should be getting to one of the ladders. Might need to explore a bit to figure out where it takes you, too; you can’t remember exactly which one you climbed down to begin with.

So you may as well head for the nearest one. You start walking that way.

And then you hear a strange noise overhead. You look up to see Rider wrestling with a ram that is, somehow, hovering several feet off the ground.

Maybe you could lend him a hand somehow.

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Nah, he’s got it! You’ll just tell whoever you find about the ram and send them to help out.