Swamped Chapter 83 Page 19

“Marshall is safe, I assume?” Rider says, stepping between you and the ram.

“Last I saw, yeah. Been a lot happening on this ship in the last little while, though. You want me to check up?”

“Well, that would put my mind at ease. But more importantly, I’d like you to deliver this book on my behalf.”

Rider hands you a book. The title doesn’t even look like letters to you, and flipping it open, neither do .

“One, where’d you even get this; two, why Marshall rather than Long?”

Rider has already grabbed the ram by the horns, but he still takes the time to answer you.

“I ran into some trouble when we were being transported. Some soldiers who, as far as I can tell, are under the command of someone calling himself ‘the Master’. One of them was carrying that book, I managed to grab it before they captured me and they couldn’t figure out where I hid it.”

You’re not sure you want to know where he did.

“But why Marshall?”

“Marshall is the one trustworthy person I know of who might be able to use it but won’t understand how to,” Rider says. “I’m afraid I don’t have time to explain more than that right now.”

You guess that’s the best explanation you’re getting. You run off.

“And you might want to put that lever back first,” Rider calls out.

Oh. Right, that. Would cut down on the crazy turns.

If only you could remember exactly where you found it. This place is a mess of machinery.

Well, you know roughly where it was. And there’s got to be some way to figure out which pair of gears it was between, right?

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