Swamped Chapter 83 Page 16

You think you might want some high ground. A fair amount of this machinery looks possible to climb, though it’d be safest if you stuck to the stuff that’s moving slowest. If you have a high vantage point, even if the ram turns out to be a better climber than you’re giving it credit for, at least you should be able to see it coming.

After climbing some spokes holding gears in place, you reach the top of a piston. It’s hard to see much amidst all of the mechanisms, but Rider should stick out – first off, he’s pretty tall, and second, there’s not a lot of purple around here.

But you can’t see him. He must be somewhere further off, or behind something particularly big. Maybe there’s even a wall in the way, you’re having trouble grasping the overall layout here.

On the other hand, you think you just spotted something else. Something very interesting.

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An off switch!