Swamped Chapter 83 Page 13

You don’t know the entire story here, but you don’t think you need to.

After all, you can tell that there’s a large, powerful, angry animal that’s looking right at you. Not that uncommon an experience in the swamp.

So you’ll treat it just like you would a rampaging swamp creature: by running away and hoping it can’t run faster than you.

You flee back into the main corridor, and you hear a loud crash behind you not long after. A quick glance reveals that the ram can move quite fast; however, it’s not so good at stopping. It’s struck the wall, which is not looking to be in very good shape afterwards, but the ram is still getting its bearings.

In that case, you don’t want to leave open space between you and it. You rush down a side passage. Maybe the ram will rush right past…

…no, that collision you just heard sounded very close. Hells. You’d better get out of here, then.

Wait. There’s a ladder leading downward. Maybe you can lose the ram there. You climb down quickly, and soon find yourself surrounded by machinery.

Hmm. If the ram were to come down here, it could do a lot of damage. And since you aren’t entirely sure what it wants, you don’t know if that would discourage it.

So what do you do now?

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Look at the machinery and see if you can make sense of any of it, or if there are any parts you could pull out and use