Swamped Chapter 83 Page 12

Well. You don’t see any markings or anything, but you do notice something odd… that’s not paper. It doesn’t look like parchment, either.

It’s hard to get a good look without getting too close, but you think that’s… wool. That’s an odd material to write a message on, but then, you’re on a flying ship and there’s an implausibly enormous beetle a few feet away, so it’s not that strange by comparison. For that matter, it’s a good deal more conventional than spelling your message out with a swarm of beetles.

You don’t know what to make of it, but the priest might. And you’re aiming to find Captain Long next anyhow. So you think you’re done here. You head out into the hall and think about how to conduct your search.

You’re most likely safe now, since the shaking’s stopped. And with Shume paralzyed, not to mention Ash… well, the only person you have any worries about running into is Carma. But she probably won’t be that hostile if the trial’s taken care of – which you assume is the case, since the ship seems stable. So you can probably just go down the corridors systematically…

Unless, that is, you walk down one and find a rather large and angry ram. You notice that it’s missing a small patch of wool.

What now?

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Apologize for all the mutton you’ve consumed, and if that doesn’t work, run like hell in the other direction.