Swamped Chapter 83 Page 9

You’ve only got one idea. You feel a little silly doing it, but then, if it fails all that’s going to happen is a beetle will ignore you.

“Hey! Do you know where the staff is?” you ask the beetle. “If you bring it to me, I’ll get you some food!”

You suppose there’s a chance Ash can still hear you. Eh, doesn’t matter – for all his faults, he’s not the sort to tease.

At first, the beetle doesn’t seem to react. Then it walks towards the door, and stops.

Maybe it’s waiting for you? Probably not eager to leave you alone with Ash. You approach it, and it starts to leave. Well, may as well follow it.

The beetle takes you to another door. This one’s closed, so you open it up and take a look inside.

You see Long’s staff in there, all right. But that isn’t all.

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The beetles seem to be pouring out of a very conspicuous crevice in the ground…