Swamped Chapter 83 Page 7

You suppose there isn’t much you can do to prepare. You’ll just have to deal with whatever happens when you get there.

You start walking in the direction the grebling priest pointed. You start calling for Ash, in case he’s injured or something; but you don’t hear any answer.

But you do find an open door after wandering the hallways for a bit. And inside you see Ash, staring blankly at a message in his hands, not moving at all.

You also see a gigantic beetle. It seems to be looking at you, but it’s not making any aggressive moves.

That is, until you get a bit closer to Ash, at which point it leaps at you, knocks you to the ground, and then goes back to where it was.

You pick yourself up. Strangely, nothing hurts. Your best guess is that the beetle doesn’t want you examining Ash too closely, though you’ve got no clue why.

So what do you do now?

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Great, another holy writ of paralysis. I guess just leave Ash to his own devices unless you feel like tangling with Qlat. Can you get any useful info from the beetle?

Take off your shoe and squish the beetle