Swamped Chapter 83 Page 2

Your big mouth reacts before the rest of you is ready.

“What the-”

You just barely stop yourself from saying “hells”. This is a priest, after all, and they usually don’t care much for throwing that word around casually.


Although, a moment too late, it occurs to you that replacing it with the first god that pops into your head might not be the best of ideas either.

“Qlat? Are you a worshipper, then?”

He sounds a little more judgmental, which is enough to calm you down. Maybe he’s fine with humans now, but not so much their gods. Still weird, but more in line with expectations.

“Ah, not really. Didn’t have the most devout of upbringings. Sorry, you just seemed, ah, different from when I last saw you.”

“I suppose I am. Reth has blessed me with a gift to see things I couldn’t before. You are Corvus, right?”

“Yes! That’s me.” Now that you think of it, you’re wondering how he knows, but he explains almost immediately.

“Rider’s looking for you. He’s with the machinery down below. Keeping an eye on something.”

“Rider! He’s all right.” You glance at Captain Long, who’s groaning a bit. “But I’m not sure I can get over to him right now. Got to take care of this poor fellow.”

“I think I might have sprained my ankle,” Long says apologetically.

“Hmm. What’s he need, in particular?” the priest asks. “Don’t know much about humans, I’m afraid, but perhaps I can help anyhow.”

You think on that. It would be good to compare notes with Rider, but you’re still not sure about Ash’s sudden helpful streak and the priest here might not be able to deal with that. Perhaps you can just send him back to Rider with a message instead.

You’re going to need a moment to decide what to do.

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Ask if there’s anything he can bring up for a crutch