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Well. Long’s wary of Ash, with good reason. Maybe you can use that to get him to cut out the tough talk.

“Can you walk?” you ask, but before he answers, you whisper. “And don’t play games. I can’t help you deal with anything Ash might try if you’re not open with me.”

He seems to understand.

“I think I could if I had my staff. My right foot is in pain right now, so it would be difficult otherwise.”

“We’ll take a look at that as soon as we can,” you promise. “As for the staff, where’d we leave that? Kind of lost track, with all that’s happened.”

“I was finding it awkward to carry, so I left it in a small closet,” Ash says. “I’ll go and fetch it.”

“And then perhaps we can have a talk about him hiding darkwood in there,” Long grumbles. “I can’t say I like this situation.”

“You and me both. But right now there’s too much going on and we’re too short-handed for me to give him a well-deserved thrashing.”

At that moment, the door swings open, and a grebling steps in. Specifically, that priest with a bad attitude from before.

Except he seems to be in an oddly good mood.

“Corvus?” he asks, looking directly at you. “Hmm, feels like I’ve seen you before somewhere. Apologies if I was rude.”

What happened to him? Last time you saw him, he was a complete jerk. Is this his twin brother or something?

Well, whatever’s going on, you can’t just stare at him forever. You should probably think of a response.

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