Swamped Chapter 82 Page 25

This would be simple if those soldiers in the Path Between hadn’t taken your lance. Without its reach, aiming low requires a bit more effort.

So you rush forward and drop down at the same time, trying to catch the wizard in his legs. He’s quick to react, though, and steps away – but not before you grab his staff.

Which is still about to release its spell. Hurriedly, you try to turn it away from you; the wizard responds in kind, since that means you’re turning it towards him.

And somewhere in there, the spell goes off and another icicle flies between you, into a wall. But you manage to wrest the staff from him as it does. This won’t stop further spells entirely, but he won’t be able to cast as easily without it.

But he seems more interested in getting away. In fact, he’s moving quite fast; even if you threw something at him, you don’t think it would be able to reach. He must have opted to flee and given up on the staff in favor of enhancing his speed.

And if he can move that fast… even if you adjust these gears, he can come back and break them again. You’ll either have to stand guard, or leave it until he’s taken care of.

So what’s your next move?

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Chuck the staff back at him to make him fall over