Swamped Chapter 82 Page 23

You don’t have much time to think about what happens next, because the ship starts shaking. The lizard’s feet are able to stick to the floor no matter what state it’s in, and the grebling priest has claws that offer a good grip, but you aren’t so fortunate. So you grab hold of the closest stable thing, the chamber in the corner of the room. The door isn’t nearly steady enough.

“By Reth, what’s going on?” the priest shouts.

You don’t have an answer right away. But you do have very good hearing. You focus on the sounds that accompany the shaking, and you find among them a loud growl. And the other main sound is that of something colliding with wood.

It’s no growl you’re familiar with, though, and all the flying beasts you can think of large enough to threaten a ship are extinct. So what could it be…

Well. You can think of two possibilities, both of which have very concerning implications. The first is that it’s a Giant, sent here by the gods – they’ve already shown their interest in what’s happening here, but a Giant would be a serious escalation. The second is almost more disturbing, though – that someone used time magic to bring an enormous flying beast here from the past.

The shaking calms down, but you can’t relax. If you’re going to make any sort of move here, you’ll have to think of what it is quickly, before you lose your chance to act.

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consider that the growl is of wood breaking and important things breaking