Swamped Chapter 82 Page 21

You glance around. There’s a floor plank that seems to be rotting nearby. You can break off the rotten portion without making much noise.

It leaves a small hole, but it’s enough to allow you to lift some planks around it more easily. You don’t think crawling under the floor will be particularly useful, though; the space under there is too thin for most humans, let alone one with your build.

But you can clear a way to the wall, and then loosen some of the boards in there relatively quietly. There’s no way you’ll be able to fix all this up, of course, so you expect they’ll be on alert after you’re done; but Ember should be better able to help.

You make a hole in the wall and step through. You’ve found the device, and as Ash said, it’s quite noisy. Then again, it’s a noise that’s supposed to be present, so it might not draw as much attention… unless someone decides to make sure the door is closed.

Well. Best to take care of this quickly, then. You could simply smash it, but it’s magical in nature, so that might be dangerous. So, before resorting to brute force, you look carefully for other ways to shut it down.

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Put it under a really cold temperature so it’ll temporarily stop working.