Swamped Chapter 82 Page 16

Well, you suppose there’s one sure way to get a priest’s attention. Especially one who’s so convinced of his importance.

Through divine guidance, we find what was it? Strength? Courage?”

The priest suddenly stops his grumbling.

The wisdom that will overcome our foes,” he says. “It’s not that hard to remember. You trying to make some kind of point?”

“It simply came to mind because we have received divine guidance. Perhaps you can reflect on what this means for us while I listen for the beetle.”

The priest seems somewhat annoyed, but he does stay quiet. Seems he’s reasonably cooperative if you word things the right way.

Ah. You think you hear the beetle stopping, and trying to shift directions. This must be where the trail ends. The room you’re looking for shouldn’t be far off. You lead the priest over there, and open the door once you’re sure there’s no one else around.

It is, indeed, a small room, with a chamber in the corner. Unfortunately, whatever device controls it isn’t in here, as the rest of the room is empty.

Still, there’s bound to be some trail to the control device from here. There should definitely be an ethereal one, at the minimum, but there’s likely to be some physical sign of it as well.

You just need to figure out where to start looking.

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Look for landmarks.

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