Swamped Chapter 82 Page 12

“Eventually, we’ll get you to your temple. Perhaps even someplace you’d rather be than there. But for the moment, there’s something on this ship which complicates that process, so we’re going to break it.”

The priest suddenly adopts a commanding pose. You suppose he’s dealing with his situation by acting as though he’s in charge.

Well, you can probably humor him as long as he doesn’t give you actual orders.

“All right then, lead the way.”

“I haven’t figured out where it is yet.”

The priest groans.

“So, what, do you expect me to help you with that? I’ve only seen two rooms here. This one, and the one I arrived in.”

How useful.

“Could you describe the one you arrived in?”

“It felt kind of like I was in a big closet. Except it was in a corner of the room. Didn’t see much of it because that human woman came rushing at me as soon as I arrived.”

Well. It’s not much of a description, but it gives you something to work with. The “closet” is probably specifically for transportation, since it sounds as though he was surprised to arrive here. Which means the control device likely isn’t far from it.

That leaves the matter of how to find the room.

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Pry off the planks.

Follow your ears!