Swamped Chapter 82 Page 11

“My apologies. I’m not ready to take you to the temple.”

The priest looks at you, annoyed.

“Then what’s the point in you coming here?”

“As I told you already, it was Reth who guided me here. Perhaps she wanted me to help you, or perhaps she wanted you to help me. Either way, it seems that she is suggesting we work together.”

“Now don’t you go back to that nonsense…”

“You are a priest of Reth, are you not? You need not take my word for it, in that case.”

He looks, for a moment, like he’s about to yell at you. But then he pauses, probably realizing you’re right. He just stands there, praying.

Then he looks very confused.

“Reth seems very pleased to see you here,” he says. “Not that I’ve got the slightest clue why, but it’s not as if I can argue with her.”

“Good,” you say. Then you turn to the lizard and pick her up. “And it would probably be best for you to come with us, little one. Just try to remain quiet – we don’t know who might be listening.”

“Quiet,” the lizard whispers. She seems to understand. You put her on your shoulder for now.

“Fine, fine,” the priest grumbles. “So where exactly are we going?”

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To a better temple.