Swamped Chapter 82 Page 10

“Where exactly is the destination?”

The priest gives you a scornful look.

“What, she didn’t tell you that much? Or were you just that inattentive? I’m supposed to show that key-mold at the temple so they know the warning I’m going to pass along is serious. I’d rather present them with the actual key, but your partner is being stubborn about that.”

“The temple of Reth?” you ask.

“Of course I mean her temple! Why would I go to a stupid human temple? Wow, you’re thick even as humans go.”

Well. You don’t really have the means to take him there, though Ember probably does. Not unless you deal with that device blocking him from making proper gateways, though.

So the question you’re faced with is whether to bring him with you while you take care of your other business, or if you should just leave him here. Of course, there’s a slim chance you might be able to learn something more if you continue talking.

How should you approach this?

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I’m afraid I’ve awakened you too early to guide you to the temple of Reth. However, there must be a reason Reth guided me to you. I assume you would do best to accompany me. Do you have any insights from her?