Swamped Chapter 82 Page 8

You think back to your youth, when the farm ducks often woke you up. They didn’t even have to be that loud, the noise itself was distinctive enough that it usually intruded on your dreams.

At least, that’s what you thought it was before you learned about sound magic, and how easy it is to inadvertently produce a little bit of it even if you’re not a wizard. Or if you’re a duck.

Properly focused – well, you still won’t be performing miracles. But you can break minor enchantments, especially if light magic was the source.

You start quacking melodically. You see the lizard starting to stir, but the grebling is still as ever. Well, a smaller creature probably doesn’t need as strong of an enchantment.

There’s not much you can do about the song itself to improve its magical qualities, so you’ll have to sing louder. You might draw some attention, but it’s unlikely to be anything you can’t handle.

After raising your voice twice and going through the chorus three times, as well as the lizard joining in, the grebling finally blinks and slowly gets up. He doesn’t look very happy.

“Are you that human woman’s associate?” he asks, clearly upset. “If so, I hope you can at least be a little more respectful to a man of the cloth.”

How should you respond?

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Yeah, ok, your goddess sent me here and all; Can I get a thank-you before a demand for respect?

Author’s Note:

If Rider’s tricks in the Path Between were the most over-the-top moment I’ve written for him, this is no doubt the silliest.