Swamped Chapter 82 Page 1

You are now Rider. And you are still in the Path Between.

You didn’t really need the crate – this “place”, if it can be called that, isn’t nearly so hard on the senses after a few journeys into it. But it might have helped Long or Marshall to get back, so you didn’t bother clarifying.

Still, you hadn’t expected an outright ambush here. The creatures native to the Path have never been hostile – the worst you ever had to deal with was a curious Florp trying and failing to absorb your boots. And even the few dangerous Traveler species you’ve come across never attacked without provocation.

But you hadn’t really thought about the fact that humans can Travel through here as well. Or the fact that they could wait here if they knew you were coming.

Now, how they knew is a very interesting question. Especially as they ignored Corvus, which suggests they were specifically waiting for you. You have some thoughts on that, but first you have a more pressing matter to deal with.

Namely, how to get out of these magical ropes they’ve tied you up in.

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With the help of a friend. Not a human or grebling friend, though.