Swamped Chapter 81 Page 13

A rope. A rope ought to hold it in place. The ones tied to the balloon are hard to loosen, though, for obvious reasons.

Well. Maybe you can get some use out of this sand cloak you’ve been carrying around in your pouch all day. The damned thing’s too uncomfortable to wear outside of the desert, but a statue’s not going to complain. You pull it out and tie it around the figurehead’s neck, then tie the other end to the railing. Then you start prying it loose.

You’re more vulnerable than you’d like right now; if the Giant catches on to your bluff fast enough, you could be in trouble. But you also can’t afford to cut corners on this – you’ll be in worse shape if you mess up.

“Don’t think you can hide, mortal! If you won’t stand and fight, I’ll just bring down the whole vessel!”

You glance back and spot the Giant starting to climb one of the ropes. It’s headed for the balloon. Good thing you stopped it from flying, at least.

The figurehead’s starting to come loose, but you’re not sure you can get it before the beast reaches the balloon. What should you do?

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Jump onto the figurehead!