Swamped Chapter 81 Page 1

“Marshall, you all right?”

Marshall nods.

“I think I feel better now that I’m out of that cell.”

Good. Maybe Long will wake up soon, in that case. Next you look at the quiet kid.

He seems confused more than anything. Probably because Carma ran in and he doesn’t know how to reconcile your conversation with the hierarchy he thinks he’s supposed to follow.

The wizard – Shume or whatever – still isn’t moving a muscle. That leaves Ash. Who probably doesn’t even know which side to back right now. Otherwise he’d probably be trying to cozy up to someone.

Well. Unless the wizard wakes up, he’s the biggest threat in the room, so you should probably focus your attention on him.

“Hey, Ash,” you say. “This cell’s apparently got antimagic bars. It’d probably be nice to have one of these along if we run into another wizard. You got any idea what tools are around for removing ’em?”

“I asked Carma about that, actually. She said a single bar doesn’t have enough in it to do more than give the Master a slight headache. And removing enough to make a difference would render the cell useless, plus it would be hard to carry that many.”

“Don’t suppose we could talk her into letting us remove a bunch once this trial-from-the-gods business is concluded?”

“I doubt it, but I won’t stop you from trying.”

Well. Not much else you can do except get those weird coin-things out of the cell. Maybe the creature can be reassembled – it seemed pretty useful. You grab the box, head in and start gathering them up.

As you’re picking them up, though, you think you spot something under one of the bunks. What could that be?

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Is it a book?

But you could swear you saw it blink.

Author’s Note:

This was another portion where I found it tricky to settle on chapter divisions. It was easy enough to decide that a new one short start on arriving at the cells, especially since it coincided with a conversation with a new character. The hard part was working out where I wanted that chapter to end.

I opted to divide it right after Carma left just because that was a dramatic shift in the energy. Whatever problems still had to be dealt with, there weren’t immediate threats any more.