Swamped Chapter 80 Page 15

“Everybody, hold on to something!”

You weren’t expecting that. You do, however, grab onto the bars of the cell before you ask what she means by that.

Except you barely get the word “why” out before you feel the ship shaking again.

“That wasn’t Shume’s work,” Carma explains. “The gods have sent a beast to test me. And it’s still out there.” She glances over all of you. “Now the question is, what do I do with the lot of you in the meantime. Can’t have you running loose while I fight it.”

Well. You know what you want, which is mainly to get out of here. Along with Marshall, Long, Rider – wherever he is – and probably the quiet kid, since this doesn’t seem like a particularly good place for him.

But Carma’s not going to be interested in what you want unless you’ve got something to offer her in return. So this might be the time to make an offer.

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A secret?