Swamped Chapter 80 Page 14

Well. You know one thing Carma’s worried about – the approval of the gods.

And you’re pretty sure they had a hand in the weird message you found. So you can at least try to talk to her now.

“I’ve gotten word from the gods,” you say, and she pauses for a moment.

“I wouldn’t put it past you to bluff, but you’ve got nowhere to run in here,” she says. “So I’ll give you this chance to talk.”

You point at the old man.

“It’s this message in his hands. He took a look at it and hasn’t moved a muscle since. So, you know. You might not like the answer you get.”

She glances at him.

“Shume. I thought this might be his work. And I certainly can imagine he’d go further than the gods are willing to countenance.”

She walks over.

“Well. I’ve made my stand, so if the gods will judge me for it, let them.”

With that, she pulls the message out of the old wizard’s hands, almost effortlessly. Weird – is she just strong enough to ignore whatever force was affecting you before, or could it be that the letter is meant for her?

Whatever the case, she’s reading it now, and being very quiet. At first you wonder if she got hit by the same thing this Shume guy did, but taking another glance, she seems to be… concentrating.

After what seems like an eternity, she finally says something.

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“You might want to hold on to something.”