Swamped Chapter 80 Page 4

After some consideration, you decide not to bother. Best to get that sort of information from a more reliable source.

What you’re mainly concerned with in the short term is how you can get the prisoners out. If he thinks that’s all you want, he might be a little looser with his lips.

“So how sturdy is this trectite stuff, as metals go? Any chance I could break it?”

“It’s about as strong as iron. If you had a good steel sword, well, the blade would probably outlast the bars, but it wouldn’t be in good shape afterwards. And it would take at least an hour.”

“What about the wood, then?”

“Ten minutes with a good saw could get you through the walls. Of course, who’s to say how much time you have, even if you could find a saw?” He chuckles. “Maybe three minutes if you burn it, but it’d be easy for the fire to spread through the whole ship. I wouldn’t go that route, myself.”

Now you just feel like he’s mocking you.

“So what would you do if you wanted to get the prisoners out, then?” you ask. He’s clearly inviting the question.

“If I had a reason for it, I’d go after Carma and take the key from her. But then, without any spells, you’d have to be a damn good fighter to get out of a struggle with her alive.”

Which you’re not, and you know it. From the way he led you to ask, you think he’s offering you help, but no doubt he’s got a price for it.

You’re not inclined to take him up on it, even though you don’t have many other ideas. So where do you go from here?

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Tell him you’d like to go see the prisoners for yourself before committing to any kind of action on their behalf. You need to know that they’re okay (and don’t tell him this but you want to see if you can pick the lock, and see if the message you’re carrying has any meaning for them).