Swamped Chapter 80 Page 2

Well. You do have one simple request.

“If you don’t need them for your plans, let them out.”

You hear the stranger laugh.

“Ah, the naivety of the ungifted! It’s been far too long since I spent time around your kind, it seems.”

“What’s so funny?” you shout back.

“This may not be as obvious to you, lacking ether senses, but surely you can follow the chain of logic. There are two wizards in that cell. Now, what can wizards do?”

“Cast spells,” you say, and then it hits you. “So they ought to be able to get themselves out of an ordinary cell. But if they can’t get out of this one, then it’s got to interfere with magic somehow?”

“Precisely. Which means, whether I had the inclination to do you a favor or not, I wouldn’t be able to. Or do you have that much confidence in my ability to pick a lock?”

You’re really starting to dislike this guy. He’s almost as obnoxious as Ash.

On the other hand, he doesn’t seem hostile right now. More like disinterested. And you just might be able to get something out of him if you keep the conversation going.

So where should you direct it?

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Ask if he thinks the anti-wizard cages would be dangerous to regular, er, ungifted folks like yourself or his pawn.