Swamped Chapter 8 Page 1

You’re Penelope. And you’re still amazed by how awful Tom’s handwriting is. You might not have been in such a sour mood when those judges stopped by if you hadn’t just spent five minutes trying to decipher a word that you think is “magnification”.

At least you didn’t end up going hungry. Swamp mush never gets very appealing, but it does its job.

Anyhow, you’re starting to figure out what Tom’s project actually does, not that he could be bothered to tell you. Never mind that it would have saved you a good three hours that could have been used to make more productive critique on it.

Not that it’s been a total waste. You’ve marked down a half-dozen potential issues, none of which involve the waterproofing yet. Of course, you might not have looked closely enough yet.

But you’re in no condition to decipher more of Tom Eighth’s dreadful handwriting right now. You need a break. Not a long one, otherwise you’d just sleep. Just a quick distraction to clear your mind before you go back into the notes.

So what will that be?

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Go up to the mail room and play with some birds

Go visit a watchtower, get some gazing into the middle distance underway to give your eyes a break.