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“Well, if you want to get them out, you’ll need Carma’s key,” Ash explains. “And with that glove, an object as small as a key could go all the way down one of the long corridors. Much further than she can run in the same amount of time. Could easily give someone a headstart on opening the cells that way.”

Now you’re even more suspicious.

“That seems like a plan I’d need help with. I don’t exactly trust you not to switch sides yet again, and I’m not sure the kid would go so far as to steal something from Carma. And I’m certainly not planning on being the one who gets close to her.”

“Fair enough. Feel free to go ahead with your plan instead, I’m sure it’s much better than mine.”

Gods, he’s so damned smug. As he always is when he knows you’ve got nothing to counter with.

Knowing Ash, he’s got his own scheme for the glove and he’s just having you grab it for him. Then again, since he doesn’t really know any more about what’s going on than you do, what could he even be plotting?

Well. You do need to get those two out at some point, and Ash is right that the glove could help you do it. Maybe you’ll cross paths with Rider and then you can have an actual reliable ally here.

The important thing is that you’re going to make sure you hold onto the glove. And, of course, not turn your back on Ash if you can help it.

“Okay, fine.” You turn to the kid. “I’d like those things I gave you back for just a moment so I can write a message.”

The kid seems a bit nervous, but hands them over. You’ll have to be prompt in handing them back, in order to calm him down. If he thinks you can take back the notebook at any time, he might not see it as a gift.

First, though, you need to write this message. The contest of the request is simple enough – the more important thing is convincing Long and Marshall that it came from you and isn’t some sort of trick.

But how can you do that? Okay, you’ve shared a few secrets with Marshall now, but you don’t want to just blurt them out. Even if the kid won’t reveal anything and Ash doesn’t see the note, you wouldn’t want to give too much away to Long. You’d have to allude to them in a way that would only make sense to Marshall. That or try some other approach entirely.

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It sure would be nice if you could stamp your fingerprint in the note but how would they even know it’s yours, maybe try morse code?