Swamped Chapter 79 Page 12

“For shaking? Not a clue. Not unless you can just clear your mind out entirely and ignore everything your senses are saying. But you’d have to be some kind of ascetic to pull that off.”

“Or in a crate full of water,” you muse. “But it’d be hard to get another one, and I’m not even sure how to get back to the one I arrived in.”

“If we had your mudpike or Long’s staff for support, that might help, but we’d need someone to get across first.”

As you reflect on this, the kid in the guard uniform just suddenly walks past you, and goes down the passage as if nothing’s happening. At the other end, he pauses and looks back at you.

“I think someone just volunteered,” you say. “That kid must have some serious discipline.”

“Or just doesn’t know how to scream,” Ash mutters. “Anyhow, I’ll call out directions.”

A few minutes later, the kid returns with the weapons. You and Ash make your way down the passage, with some difficulty; but having the weapons to lean on at least lets you make progress. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the shaking stops. You and Ash take a moment to catch your breath and readjust to normality.

“Now we need to get to that storeroom,” Ash says. “I don’t think Carma told me where it is.”

“And I don’t know where we even are on this ship.” You turn to the kid. “Can you lead us to that room you were in before, with all the boxes?”

“Hold on. We may not be done with these illusions,” Ash interjects.

“Maybe not. But it’s not like we can do anything to prepare for them before we know what they are.”

“But we’ve seen that this Silent One seems to be able to get through them just fine. Which means we can ask him to bring us anything on the ship, provided we know where it is.”

“And what were you thinking of asking him to fetch, then?”

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A flame thrower.

A map?