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“Honestly? I don’t have a clue. I just know your plan involves kidnapping two people whose safety I consider myself responsible for.”

“Interesting,” she says. “My understanding was that the Bogknights and the Marshguards are enemies. Yet you would risk yourself for these two?”

“Sure, we’re fighting all the time, and I don’t see how that’s ever going to stop. But we also all live in the same damnable swamp. The same swamp as murderflies, mossbeasts, that accursed rain, and now whatever terrors are being sent there from the desert. Right up to goddamned tunnelers. And you know what? Sometimes, even when someone’s your enemy in that kind of mess, you’ve got to lend them a hand. You’ve got to stick together. Because fighting at a time like that is a good way for both sides to lose.”

She laughs.

“So what you’re saying, then, is you see me as such a greater obstacle? A common foe to be overcome?”

“Nothing so grand. You kidnapped Long and Marshall. And Ash said you had no plans to release them. If that’s where we are, then I’m not helping you.”

“I can’t see how much help you could even be, since I doubt you know more about servicing an airship than Ash does. And you haven’t a shred of magical capability. I was merely hoping you might have some insight into whether the gods favored my attempts to stop the Master’s ascension. Since you don’t, then there’s no further point to this conversation.”

“You sure about that? There’s a question I’m real surprised you haven’t asked.”

She doesn’t look amused.

“I already told you, I don’t care how you arrived. I presume you activated the device Ash left behind, probably with the aid of a wizard to avoid alerting me. I might be interested in the details if we didn’t already have two wizards in our custody, but as it is, I only want you out of the way.”

“No, not that one. I was thinking, ‘Did you come here alone?’ You want to try that one on me?”

Carma’s eyes widen, as though she’s just had a realization. Without another word, she kicks your chair over and rushes out.

This is not a comfortable position to be in, but on the other hand, you’re not being watched now. If you can just get out of these ropes, you might have a chance to slip away… not that you know where you’re heading.

Even better, the intensity of Carma’s reaction suggests that Rider made it here after all. Not that you have any idea how to find him, but if he’s around, that’s definitely going to make things easier for you.

So first things first. How can you get loose?

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The edge of the desk in here might be sharp enough to fray the bindings on your wrists.