Swamped Chapter 78 Page 15

“Careful now. Wouldn’t want to get in more trouble with the gods than you already are, would you?”

You feel him stop struggling for a moment. You figured as much. If there’s one thing Ash fears, it’s facing the consequences of his actions, and when gods are the ones setting the consequences, they’ll be quite severe indeed.

“What, exactly, do you know about what the gods are doing?” he asks. He’s trying to work out if you’re bluffing.

“Well, for a start, one of their messengers gave Captain Long a warning the other night. Seems it has something to do with what you Bogknights are after.”

“That’s got nothing to do with me any more,” Ash says. “I’m through with the Bogknights.”

Probably because he got caught. Not that he’ll admit that if he doesn’t have to.

Anyhow, this is about as cooperative as he’s going to get. You can probably keep it going for longer if you give him a good enough line about how the gods want him to help you, but failing that, you can probably try to at least get some info out of him before he catches on to your bluff.

So how should you approach this?

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We can’t play this too long. Let’s find out what he’s hiding.