Swamped Chapter 78 Page 13

Maybe it’s curiosity. Maybe it’s just that he’s the one familiar face you’ve seen so far. But you find yourself unable to resist following Ash.

Of course, you know you have to be careful. The open door might have put him on his guard. So as you walk up to the door, you look in very carefully.

There’s a short staircase leading in. So it is raised in there. It would also be very easy for someone inside to keep an eye on that entrance without being spotted.

But the sound of Ash’s footsteps is loud enough to tell you where he is, and it’s not near the door. Even if he does spot you, he won’t be able to catch you… not that you’re planning on being spotted.

You climb the steps as quietly as you can, and look around. The cabin’s surprisingly empty – there are lots of shelves, but they’re bare.

Ash is over in a corner, looking at something. You climb up just a bit to get a better look… seems it’s a trunk.

The room’s a lot more open than you were hoping. Sneaking up on Ash here will be almost impossible. Still, he’s distracted, so you might be able to get the jump on him if you charge right at him. Then again, it might be better to back off and wait for a better opportunity.

What’s your next move?

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Not quite yet. Let’s see if there’s any information, anything to do with that trunk that he’d get more distracted by.

Wait till he’s distracted. Then trip his legs!