Swamped Chapter 78 Page 6

At first glance, it looks like the box is filled with coins, made of iron or something instead of gold. But they’re slightly larger than most coins you’ve seen.

Picking one up, it also seems a good deal lighter than it looks. Maybe it’s hollow? You try tapping on it, but you can’t really tell.

You’re half-inclined to grab it in case you can have someone look at it later, but you also can’t be sure it’s not some kind of magical trap. Then again, if it is there’s an awful lot of them in this box.

Well. That’s probably all you’re going to find, unless you take a chance on opening another box. So you need to think about your next move.

You remember a bit about what Ember told you. He said that the sphere didn’t do the actual transporting, something on the other side did. And now you’re on the other side, so it might be good to look for that something. Not that you’d understand how it works, but it’s probably useful to know where it is.

Of course, your main goal is finding Marshall and Captain Long. Then you’ve got to figure out how to get back. Apparently Ember can bring you back, but you didn’t really get any details on if he can bring them back with you… you probably should have.

And you haven’t seen any sign of Rider, which is worrying. If you’re lucky, he just got sent to another part of this flying ship or whatever it is. If you’re not so lucky, he might be lost in whatever place you passed through to get here. You should try to meet up with him if he’s here.

Then there’s just generally figuring out what the people here are up to. Especially since Ash may somehow be involved.

So. Those are the big things. And you have few thoughts on how to do any of them. Where should you even begin?

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Need to do more recon if you want to find Long, Marshall, or Rider. Return to the hallway and continue along the corridor, stealthily.

But first, scratch a symbol into the wood near the locked door to let Rider know you’re here and safe, should he pass this way.