Swamped Chapter 78 Page 5

You find you can’t help but worry about what the draft might mean. You opt to look into that first, in case it’s something important.

You follow it as best as you can, and find another door. This one’s firmly locked, but you can definitely feel cold air coming through it. Is it supposed to be like this?

Hmm. There’s a long length of wood leaning against the wall. It looks to be about as wide as the door. Reminds you of a gangplank.

So maybe you’re on some kind of ship and this door’s for loading and unloading? Except it’s a ship that doesn’t go on water, if it’s letting this much air in.

Well, Ember did say the destination was high in the air. So that makes a bit of sense, other than the part where the ship is presumably flying. You’re still having trouble getting your head around that.

You don’t think you’re going to find out much more unless you unlock the door, and if this really is a flying ship of some kind, that might be dangerous. So you turn your attention to the closest matter at hand: the boxes.

They’re tied shut, so if you simply opened one, it might be noticed. Then again, it might not; that strangely silent person in the armor might get blamed for it. Even better, they might have opened one before being found. You opt to start by looking roughly where they were caught.

You soon find yourself in luck. One of the boxes has had the string removed, though it hasn’t been opened yet. This should be a safe way to satisfy your curiosity.

What’s in there?

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Round metal coin…? It’s not entirely clear what they are, but they are awfully lighter than they look.