Swamped Chapter 78 Page 3

You think you see someone’s shadow. On the one hand, that’s bad for staying out of the way; on the other hand, if you can sneak up on whoever it is, you might be able to subdue them and get some answers about where in the hells you are.

But then you hear footsteps. And they’re not coming from inside the door. You could run the other way…

Hold on. The shadow moved away suddenly. Maybe they’re as much an intruder as you are. And if that’s so, then maybe whoever’s coming will find them first.

You carefully open the door and slip in, then return it to its ajar position as best you can. The draft feels stronger. The room itself is filled with shelves, with a number of identical boxes on most of them. You don’t feel you have time to check the boxes themselves, but this is clearly a storeroom of some kind.

Which provides plenty of places to hide. You duck down and slip behind one of the lower shelves. You’re tempted to get under it, but you don’t think there’s quite enough space. For now, it’s best to stay quiet, wait, and observe.

You hear the door opening. That must be whoever’s come looking here. You can’t quite see them yet, though.

You can really hear them walking, though. If they get close, you’ll have plenty of warning.

And then you hear another set. Faster. So maybe you were right about there being another intruder.

Which means you have a choice. You can sit here quietly, and hope they assume they’re done when they catch whoever else is in here. Or, you can take the risk of getting closer in order to get more information about just who you’re dealing with.

What should you do?

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Distraction. Then ambush.

See if you can maneuver your way between the footsteps and the door as you work your way closer for a glimpse. That way you can either make a quick getaway or stop them from fleeing, depending on the necessity of the situation.