Swamped Chapter 78 Page 2

You take off your breather mask. You don’t know what the air is going to tell you, but it’s one of your few sources of information. Best not to limit it.

Hmm. Feels like there’s a bit of a draft coming in from the left.

Well, if there was anyone around, they’d probably look into that. Which means that side is less likely to be occupied – or if it is, whoever’s there is probably going to have their attention elsewhere. You don’t have much to go on, so you may as well run with that and hope it works out.

The corridor soon splits, only this time there’s a door nearby. It’s open just a crack, and it seems to be where the draft is coming from.

If anyone else is nearby, they’ll be taking a look in this room. Unless you shut the door.

Well, best to see what’s in there and you can make your decision afterwards. You get close to the door and try to peek inside without opening it further.

What do you see?

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A shadow! An intruder!