Swamped Chapter 78 Page 1

You’re alone. It’s worrying that Rider isn’t here, but it also means there aren’t any hostiles.

You have no idea how long that’s going to remain true. You need to find a safe place to hide.

You seem to be in a very small room, though. The crate’s taking up nearly half the floorspace. And there’s only one exit you can see…

Wait, no. There’s a hatch in the ceiling. No sign of a ladder or anything leading up to it, though. You might be able to reach it if you stand on the crate, but you’d surely make a lot of noise in the process and there’s no guarantee it leads anywhere.

The door it is, then. You open it carefully, and wait a moment to listen for footsteps or voices.

Nothing. If anyone’s here, they aren’t just down the hall. Good enough for you.

You close the door behind you and look around. This is indeed a hall, but it’s an unusually narrow one. And there’s no door on the opposite wall.

So you’ve pretty much got a simple choice right now – left or right. Not that you know what’s in either direction.

What matters for now is not being spotted. So if you had a good way to tell which side you’re less likely to find people on, that would help a lot.

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Take off your mask and smell the air. Is there a draft coming from one direction or the other?