Swamped Chapter 77 Page 14

“Whatever else you learn from the questioning, it’s blatantly clear that they’ve attacked a creature sacred to the Church of Reth,” Ember says. “Given that the Protectors here are witnesses, the Church will find out sooner or later, which means they’re going to take an interest in what our so-called hunter was up to.”

You muse on this for a moment.

“So we just hand ’em over now, before the Church can kick up a fuss about it. That’s what you’re thinking?”

“It strikes me as the easiest option, in a number of ways. Of course, in the end, it’s up to you.” Ember simply shrugs.

Well, you guess you’ve found out everything you’re going to outside of questioning them some more. So you head over to Rider and listen in.

“…and if you want to be thorough, there was one time when bounties were real thin and I had to make ends meet by doing repairs at the local inn for a week. But those are the only times I hunted on behalf of a specific client. Usually, if you’re after someone and don’t want to put an actual bounty on ’em for whatever reason, you don’t go to a bounty hunter. We draw too much attention.”

“And why do you think these clients went to you, then?” Rider asks.

“Probably because they were satisfied I wouldn’t ask questions,” the hunter replies. “And also because they probably needed a real good tracker. If it’s anything more than that, I wouldn’t know.”

Rider pauses for a few moments. Probably just to leave the hunter nervous.

After that, he turns to you.

“I believe I’m done for the moment. Corvus, take over while I consider what’s just been said.”

“Sure,” you reply. Maybe Rider wants to have a talk with someone now. But whether he does or doesn’t, you should probably ask a question quick, just to keep the hunter preoccupied. Preferably one you’d actually like an answer to.

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