Swamped Chapter 77 Page 3

It’s… a bird.

Not just any bird, one of those real big ones you came across earlier. You wonder if it’s the same one, but surely it would have gone back to the nest by now?

And as you get a bit closer, you see that the plumage is slightly different. So maybe it’s not the same one. You don’t know if that means it’s a different kind of bird entirely, or just looks a little different.

The bird’s crying out weakly, and you can see the crossbow bolt has hit its wing. Doesn’t seem seriously hurt, and a bird this big surely can’t fly, but it definitely doesn’t seem happy.

You almost wish Rider had gone this way instead. He’s the one with the knack for animals. But, on the other hand, it’s probably better than dealing with the crossbow.

You’re not really equipped to handle this. It’d probably best to just go back and tell the others about it.

But the bird’s stumbling around awkwardly. It might hurt itself further if you leave it alone. Maybe there’s some way you can convince it to stay put for a while, at least?

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Talk reassuringly to it in case it’s one of them talking critters.