Swamped Chapter 76 Page 15

“And what’s that?”

Ember reaches into his robes and hands you a small feather. He goes over to Rider and hands him one as well.

“What’s this?” Rider asks.

“I should be able to retrieve you in an emergency, but if you wind up falling, well, you could still be seriously hurt by the time I get you back. These enchanted feathers will slow down your descent. You just need to carry them, so put them in your pouches – those are waterproof, right?”

“Wouldn’t last very long in the swamp if they weren’t,” you say. “So you think this place is high up in the sky?”

“It’s a possibility. I hadn’t thought through the implications until you asked me directly, though. I can’t really tell if the place is actually exposed to the air, but best to be safe, right?”

“Yeah. Safe,” you mutter. This whole plan is anything but safe. But you also don’t have much choice.

You notice the tiny Protector has returned, and seems to be signaling something to the leader. Maybe those barrels or whatever are on their way here.

If that’s the case, you’re running a little low on time. You should think about how best to use it.

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Worry too much about how to spend your time, and you’ll wind up squandering it–like you just did. Oops!