Swamped Chapter 76 Page 10

You don’t know entirely why the Protectors seem to distrust the camp, but you see an opportunity to do something about it.


The grebling looks up at you,.

“I think we’ve reached the point where we need the Director to be here.”

“Oh dear,” he mutters. “That’s going to be trouble, but I’ll give it a shot.”

He runs off, pursued by the fast Protector. They return some time later, with Yvonne and a few other greblings – both members of the camp and Protectors. It’s starting to get quite crowded out here.

“This had better be good, Corvus,” Yvonne sighs. “I’ve got a lot of work to do tonight.”

“Long story short – we need something from the Protectors, they want something from us, we’ve made a plan they’re okay with for getting it to them, but they want some sort of guarantee in case that doesn’t work out.”

“And you want us to provide it,” Yvonne says.

“We’ll compensate you for it. Somehow. We just haven’t got a lot to give right now.”

“I will accept nothing from this camp,” the Protector leader interjects.

“Not even if they give it to us and we give it to you?”

“There is nothing here of value to us.”

Well. You were kind of hoping there would be something small you could do here to build faith, even if only a little bit. But it seems the gulf between the Protectors and the camp is larger than you expected.

On the other hand, now that Yvonne’s here, you might be able to get some meaningful talk going about whatever the problem is. If only you could think of how to get that conversation started.

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Surely they can use some basic resources? Or if they want something more special, surely the camp could give some of the information that they have discovered out here?
Or maybe like, they could onto some horses.