Swamped Chapter 75 Page 18

You’re getting tired of this. You walk right up to the Protector in the middle of the blockade ahead.

“I don’t know what your beef with us is,” you say, “but if you’re worried we’re going to pull something, then feel free to come along with us. Hells, bring your whole damn order for all I care.”

The Protector seems taken aback, then glances around at the others. After a brief pause, you see nine nodding heads. The Protector looks you in the eyes and nods. The two groups come together and surround you, then they start walking as you do.

“Can’t say I’m fond of this arrangement, but it’s workable,” Rudolph says. “Hope your friends don’t mind the crowd.”

“We’ll deal with that when it happens.”

You lead the group, somewhat awkwardly, out into the desert, where Rider and Ember are waiting. The wizard doesn’t seem particularly happy.

“Stubborn bunch you’ve got here. They don’t want to tell me anything.”

“They don’t care much for talking, for some reason,” you say with a shrug. Somehow it’s comforting that the wizard doesn’t know anything more than you about how to deal with them. “They seemed to think we might cause some trouble, so I invited them along to prove otherwise.”

Rider glances down at the greblings.

“They don’t consider us a threat, at least.”

You’d ask how he knows that, but you can’t say you care much right now. You just hand the bag over to Ember.

“The sphere’s in there, do whatever it is you’re going to do.”

Ember pulls out the sphere and seems to just stare at it silently.

Nearly two minutes of utter silence later, you’re about to ask him if something’s wrong, but he suddenly speaks up and says something you definitely weren’t expecting.

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“this isnt a sphere”