Swamped Chapter 75 Page 16

“Right,” you sigh. “If they’re not even talking to us, is there really a need for us to be here? We could just go to your lab now and leave them to it.”

“Yvonne wouldn’t want them walking around unsupervised by anyone in the camp,” Dominique replies.

“Didn’t you just let that one go poking around in the outhouse alone?”

“That’s not a crucial area. It’s just a hole in the ground. Even if he did sabotage it for some reason, we could just dig a new one and move the tent.”

You suppose she’s got a point there.

“Well, then. How about I watch them and you go to your lab?”

She muses on this.

“All right. That shouldn’t be a problem as long as they don’t go into any other tents. If they decide that’s what they’re going to do, they can wait for me to get back.”

The Protector doesn’t show any sign of reacting to that as Dominique walks off. He just stands there.

Well, you’ve at least gotten things moving, you suppose. But now what?

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whistle a tune to pass the time.