Swamped Chapter 75 Page 14

Whatever happens next, you can’t really see a way forward without getting Dominique’s attention. So you step out into the open and clear your throat pointedly.

The remaining Protector, and Dominique, turn towards you. The Protector raises his fists, but it’s a defensive pose, not offensive.

“It’s all right,” Dominique sighs, walking towards you. “He’s a guest of the camp.”

The Protector backs away, but maintains the pose. Clearly a fistfighter, and probably not worth picking a fight with if you get a choice in the matter.

“What are you doing all the way out here?” you ask as Dominique reaches you.

“Long story, can’t get into it right now. Don’t worry too much about Andre there, though. We go way back.”

Is that what’s going on here? A favor to an old friend? Well, either way you should probably focus on the task at hand.

“I need the thing we found earlier. It would probably be best if you came along, but I guess you might be busy.”

Dominique nods.

“You’re right about that. Unfortunately, you’ll need me along to retrieve it, anyhow. I locked it up after I figured out what I could.”


“So, should I just sit around and wait for whatever’s going on here to be done? I’ve got people waiting on me.”

She turns to glance at the Protector.

“Well, you might be able to speed this up a bit, actually. If Andre doesn’t have a problem with that?”

Andre seems to be looking you over. After a tense minute of that, he relaxes his guard and just shrugs.

“I guess that’s as close to approval as I’m getting,” you say. “So what is it you need me to do?”

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Help one of the Protectors onto the roof of the outhouse.