Swamped Chapter 75 Page 12

“She was walking along with two of those weird people who showed up today. You know, the ones crowding around outside the boss lady’s tent. Didn’t look very happy.”

“The Protectors?” Max asks, surprised. “I can’t imagine any reason why she’d ever want to go with them.”

“I can’t either,” you say. “Did you see where they went?”

“It was right as we were leaving the tent… and they were going in the other direction.”

“Hang on,” Max says. They grab a napkin and start doodling a quick map on it. “Here we go. We headed straight for the mess tent, so they would have been going that way. If that helps you figure things out.”

Hmm. Well, glancing over it, they didn’t seem to be heading to Dominique’s tent. Not unless they were taking a very roundabout route. You take a moment to think about what’s noteworthy in that general area of the camp.

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The ground tends to be softer and wetter.

Gross… the latrines?